I am on holiday with Jaguar in Dubai- Tanzanian singer Lulu Diva


Lulu Diva and Jaguar. Photo: Global Publishers.

Tanzanian singer Lulu Abbas better known as Lulu Diva has revealed that she’s dating Starehe MP-cum-musician Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua.

Speaking to Ijumaa Wikienda, Lulu reclaimed that they were recently on holiday in Dubai. A spot check on Jaguar’s social media revealed that the MP was recently in Tanzanian, while Lulu is currently in Dubai.

According to Lulu, she started dating Jaguar hoping to have a lasting relationship, unlike her previous relationships.

“We haven’t started dating suddenly as many might think. We started dating about four months back and now we’ve decided to go public,” she said.

Asked on her take regarding Jaguar’s recent utterances viewed by many as instigating xenophobia against Tanzanians, Lulu pointed out that her focus is solely on their love.

Jaguar and Lulu Diva.

“I am in love, those other matters do not relate to my relationship.

“We are in Dubai on holiday and afterwards, we will go to Jaguar’s Nairobi home.”

Lulu has previously been linked to dating Tanzanian singer Richard Martin alias Rich Mavoko, rumours she denied in Bahati's reality show, Being Bahati.

Coincidentally, Jaguar also featured on the show a few weeks back, defending Bahati after allegedly 'cheating' on Diana Marua.

I miss Jaguar

Two weeks ago, the former waitress told Pulse that she misses the legislator.

“I miss Mheshimiwa,” she said of Starehe MP Jaguar with a cheeky smile.

“He is an easy person to deal with. He understands me. He supports me and since he has been in the game for long, he has the connections. Lakini yeye kwa sasa mdosi (but now he is a boss)!” she said.

At one point, the Kigeugeu singer was Lulu’s manager here in Kenya