VIDEOS: Kenyans take on the #WamlambezChallenge

Sailors, the crew behind the 'Wamlambez' hit song.

Trust Kenyans to always come with witty and sometimes even hilarious challenges on the internet.

The latest craze that took over the internet during the weekend was the #WamlambezChallenge that saw entire apartment blocks take part.

The challenge, inspired by the Sailors' hit song 'Wamlambez' which has garnered over 1.9 million views on YouTube mainly involves a person calling out ‘Wamlambez’ as the rest respond by saying ‘Wamnyonyez.’

In one video posted by a twitter user by the name Gift Mwaura, he can be seen calling out ‘Wamlambez’ in his apartment building as neighbours flocking the balconies respond.

“Lazy Sunday afternoon, what to do? Challenge my apartment block peeps to the #WamlambezChallenge and they came through,” he posted.