Pastor in trouble with women after scandalising wife

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his wife.

It is difficult to make all the women in a country unite behind one issue. Until this month, the women of Uganda had never agreed on anything. Not even the issues that are exclusively for women. We have never even agreed on affirmative action for women.

For instance, when our constitution was being debated in 1994 and 1995, we disagreed bitterly amongst ourselves over representation of women in parliament. There are many women issues that have been cropping up, like the provision of sanitary towels free to schoolgirls by government. Some saw it as a political ploy to get votes while others supported it strongly.

When the government did not fulfil the promise after the elections, the sisters who had opposed the free pads then went ahead to start fundraising and collecting pads for free distribution in schools since the government had failed. Those who had supported the idea before opposed it when the others were busy distributing the stuff in schools.

Then there came the obscene murder of young ladies around Kampala over the past two and a half years. Of course nobody supported the murders. But still they divided the sisters along those who felt the government was doing nothing and those who claimed all that could be done was being done.

That has been the state of women relations in public affairs as far back as I can recall.

Until this month when a miracle worker and preacher man, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo finally united the women as one.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo is arguably one of the wealthiest Ugandans. He has recently been trying to divorce Teddy, his wife of three decades, so he can marry a much younger Susan. Women were at first undecided over the matter.

One of Kampala’s wealthiest couple sailing on troubled waters could be a result of many reasons, including property wrangles or cheating. The rift has fed the gossip chatrooms until the pastor did the unthinkable in our conservative society.

He disclosed his wife’s sexual-medical problems. And that did it. Mrs Teddy Bugingo had a problem of bleeding continuously for ten years – almost like woman in the Bible who had bled for 12 years until Jesus healed her. For those ten years, Hubby Bugingo ‘starved’ as they prayed and sought the most expensive treatment abroad.

Teddy’s bleeding issue samples were flown to the US, Europe, India, South Africa. Now as the divorce fight raged, the pastor narrated to a packed church his ten-year ordeal of sexual starvation and buying cotton wool for Teddy daily.

He claimed that while he has been married to Teddy for three decades, they did not have sex for more than a hundred times during all that time!

Even before he had gone home from the church session, the entire Kampala women population including those who had not been bothered about the Bugingos rose up against the man.

After verbal attacks had been made on Bugingo, they went practical and started buying cotton wool and sanitary towels to ‘refund’ the pastor whatever he bought for ten years.

Some are even offering to sleep with him as many times as he can so he can catch up and recoup what he missed when Teddy was bleeding. And the fight rages on.

Bugingo has apologised to all women including the unborn baby girls. But the women of Kampala are having none of it. They want his head.