I ate in the toilet: Lynda Nyangweso’s painful struggle with bullying

Lynda [Photo: thatchicklyndan]

Blessed with a golden voice and touted as one of the best voice-over artists on radio, Kiss 100 personality Lynda Nyangweso has lifted the lid on body shaming.

In a teary Instagram video, Nyangweso shared that she was mortified as a child at being bullied over her weight in public that she ate in the toilet.

"When I was young, I had always struggled with my weight, I remember I would never eat in public, I became so paranoid that people stared at me when I ate, I started eating in the toilet, which was just ridiculous," said Nyangweso.

According to the presenter, one of her darkest moments was when she posted a photo of her husband and child on vacation.

The cyberbullies camped on her page, body-shamed and went as far as to message her husband and project hate that she should not have a child.

"I posted the picture and I went on with my vacation. It's only afterwards that I saw the people expected me to wear, I don't know, garbage bags?"

She, at one point, even contemplated suicide.

“I was sad, I was like 'I'm going to kill myself and this is how it's going to happen', it's just how it's going to have to be. The only reason I didn't go through with the suicide, was because I worried that my mum wouldn't find a coffin that would fit me. The only reason I didn’t go through with the suicide was that I worried that my mum wouldn’t find a coffin that fit me,” she added.

Despite it all, Nyangweso - empathetic to those who are or have been in the same predicament - said she would show kindness to a bully.

"If I was to sit down with a bully, I would show kindness, because that's what I feel like is lacking so much in this space we're in," maintained Lynda.

"When it comes to social media, stop following people who make you feel bad about yourself. Mute people in your life who bring in negativity and protect your peace."


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