VIDEO: Irene Uwoya brings presser to a standstill, throws wads of cash

Irene Uwoya [Photo: ireneuwoya8]

Journalists in Tanzania who covered a presser graced by popular Bongo actress Irene Uwoya are under fire for scrambling for handouts.

According to The Citizen, Uwoya almost caused a stampede at Hyatt Regency on Monday, July 15.

This is after she halted her communique halfway during the launch of Swahili Flix to ‘gift’ journalists as a show of her 'seriousness on the new project'.

Na nisiwachoshe sana nimewaweka muda mrefu, swahili flix ni mambo moto lazima tusalimiane na ndugu zetu waandishi wa habari, nawatuza na kitu kidogo,” said Uwoya in the meeting whose other speakers included Untie Ezekiel Jay B and Batuli.

With that, the room lit up as she dug into her purse for bundles of cash. When she jostled into position, all eyes, transfixed, followed her every move.

When the flamboyant actress, however, started throwing the cash, commotion ensued as each made attempt to have a piece of the ‘gift.’

“Ahhh usifanye hivo, utaharibu kikao,” yelled one of the speakers in a fruitless attempt to stop her but to no avail as the crews left their writing pads and cameras to scramble for the freebies.

The joint presser was held in Dar es Salaam ahead of Swahili Flix’s official launch on August 31 at Mlimani City Plaza.