Judicial officer bumps onto colleague cheating at Nairobi hideout

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Two female judicial officers recently found themselves in a deathly and awkward silence after one bumped onto the other spending time with her husband at a hideout in Nairobi.

The two women are close friends.

Intriguing was the fact that the wife to the philandering man had confided in her friend that she was suspecting her husband of having an affair.

It finally, however, hit her that the “close friend” was the one straying with her husband.

The relationship between the hitherto good friends has since been strained, in what has given room to gossip within the corridors of courts as people question why they no longer talk.

Judge using bloggers in Nairobi to lobby for new job

A senior judge has enlisted the services of city bloggers to highlight his achievements as part of his campaign to get a promotion to a top seat in the third arm of government.

It is not clear how the brilliant legal mind seeks to use the information put out on social media to convince a panel that will handle the hiring process that he is the best candidate for the seat that will soon fall vacant.