Daring cattle rustlers raid home of powerful CS, steal dairy cows

[Photo: Shutterstock]

Daring cattle rustlers on Sunday night raided rural home of a powerful Cabinet Secretary and stole two dairy cows.

The raid has puzzled the sleepy rural area that has continued to suffer the brunt of sporadic cattle rustling, with the government taking little action to contain it.

It was not immediately clear whether it was the normal act of stealing or the thieves were out to send a message to the man, who struts the public space with all the trappings of power.

The Grapevine has since learnt that the locals are excited about the incident as they believe their son will push for deployment of government machinery to flush out the bandits.

Judge using bloggers in Nairobi to lobby for new job

A senior judge has enlisted the services of city bloggers to highlight his achievements as part of his campaign to get a promotion to a top seat in the third arm of government.

It is not clear how the brilliant legal mind seeks to use the information put out on social media to convince a panel that will handle the hiring process that he is the best candidate for the seat that will soon fall vacant.