Socialites’ parties leave Ugandans green with envy

[Photo: Shutterstock]

Kampala entered the month of July with a display of girl power. The kind that left many ‘well-brought-up’ types angry and jealous. Two girls in their late 20s splashed money to entertain hundreds of guests. All this at a time when the men were doing quite well in Egypt, where they had gone to play football for the country.

The first girl was deserving of her success. The 29-year-old Sheeba Karungi threw a dizzying housewarming party for a few hundred guests at her new lakeside residence in an affluent corner of Kampala. The pad is a product of hard work, built by the sweat of a girl from a deprived childhood in the slums who became a singer and really works hard at what she does.

Her house is a thing of beauty; artistically and tastefully designed. This is something to note, in a city where many people with money simply put up big structures for homes; the bigger the better, leaving no space even for a garden.

But Sheeba’s is a real beauty whose garden left city socialites who were lucky enough to get an invite gaping. Then the party went on and on, with limitless refills of imported, exotic drinks whose names nobody could pronounce properly.

But Sheeba could not stay for too long with her guests because she had a flight to catch – to Los Angeles where she had a performance. But she left them with enough drinks to last them till morning, as they talked about her success. And oh, the house is called ‘Queendom’!

The second, more opulent party was thrown by the bad girl of the city, the notorious ex-convict Bad Black. Of course, the socialite is no longer black, having changed her skin colour from pitch black to pink as a makeover when she left prison.

She served a four-year stretch in the coolers for swindling a stupendous sum of money from her British lover, which was in turn stolen from her by a Ugandan lover. Emerging from prison broke and maligned, Bad Black went to work again, and is once again the biggest social spender in the city, with swarms of revelers following her wherever she goes.

Last week she turned 30 and declared that she is going to remain 25 forever. It is up to her audience to figure out what she meant. At the newest hotel in town, she hired the rooftop arena a dozen levels from the ground where she entertained 300 guests. To show that the was no ill-will, she invited several of her exes, including the one who robbed her and left her in jail, and they graciously turned up.

For most of the evening, Bad Black remained seated because she is pregnant. She also informed her guests that she is not sure who the father of her unborn baby is. But top on her list of suspects, is a rich recent ex and the young boy she is currently dating, barely out of his teens.

Not that anybody was surprised that she doesn’t know. The most important thing was that they had managed to make it into the birthday venue. Especially after hundreds had been bounced for trying to gatecrash using forged invites.