Boy child only wants me as ‘sponsor’ - Kalekye on struggle of finding a husband

Kalekye Mumo (Photos: Instagram)

Being approached by a guy is one thing, and being approached by the ‘right’ guy is another.

For former TV host Kalekye Mumo, her struggle of being approached by the right man is on another level, if her words during a live TV interview are anything to go by.

When hosted on NTV’s Wicked Edition by comedian Dr Kingori alongside online comedian Henry Desagu, to discuss the topic of stereotypes, Kalekye explained that she has been a victim of stereotype since her early teenage years.

"That’s the worst feeling ever. Its been done to me all my life. Even from when I was in my teens, guys assumed that aaah! Huyu dame anakaa ako na doo siezi muapproach." She said.

Wanting to be normal, Kalekye says if people associate you with money, they treat you differently.

Kalekye Mumo (Photo: Instagram)


Unfortunately, the willing guys come with a price and according to Kalekye youths should quit getting into relationships for financial aid and instead work hard to get to where they want to be.

"The boy child does not want to work for what they see a person like me having. They have become lazy. They want to date me yet they are only 20-years-old because they think I can sponsor their lives. They don't want to work. I feel it's a generational problem," Kalekye opined.

The boy child does not want to work for what they see a person like me having (Photo: Instagram)


"My mum once warned me not to ever bring a Luo or someone from Western home as my spouse. "You'd rather be married by an Indian," she had pinpointed." Kalekye said while sharing her thoughts about dating from other regions.

To Kalekye, her mums warning changed her dating mindset and she now has to try and inquire the background of every person she is getting to know. She adds that this is something that has greatly affected her love life.