Do your math well – Saumu rubbishes those accusing her of 'changing men frequently'

Saumu [Photo:]

Saumu Mbuvi, the firstborn daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, is breathing fire over disparaging comments made by some of her followers on her love life.

In a fiery Instagram exchange, Saumu told off trolls for attacking her over the kind of men she associates with and choices in love.

According to Saumu, the critics were overstepping and raising hell fire where they have no authority or place to.  

It all started after she shared a photo with the caption “hisia hazifichwi, kipendacho roho hula hata nyama mbichi. Hi future” that was immediately picked on by her followers.

“How about keeping your relationship private so people who have shot to say in the first place?” Posed Wambui wa Muratha.

Saumu [Photo:]

To which Saumu fired back “kwa raha zako” before attending to one Miss Myudneey who demanded to know “What happened to the last guy.”

“Was there one?” She responded to the amusement of Myudneey.

Abby Eastafrican, however, did not mince her words as she went for Saumu’s jugular.

“Aaahh wewe pia uko confused!!! Jumping from men to men, give time to love yourself. You will find true love.”

Saumu [Photo: Instagram/]

Just two weeks ago, she again took her critics head-on over her message to Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

“Hi future, thank you for putting your life before mine, for standing by me, advising me and always being there for will forever be my best friend. Wishing you quick recovery hun,” she wrote.

Those who trolled her for the message found themselves in the deep end as she walked over them as nosey non-starters.