Movie review: ‘Always Be My Maybe’ (2019) is worth the price

(Photo: Instagram)

Cast: Ali Wong, Casey Wilson, Charlyne Yi, Daniel Dae Kim, James Saito, Karan Soni, Karen Holness, Keanu Reeves, Marcella Bragio, Michelle Buteau, Miya Cech, Randall Park, Susan Park, Vivian Bang

Director: Nahnatchka Khan

Runtime: 1h 41min

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

Childhood friends Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) have a falling out and don’t speak for 15 years. But when Sasha, now a celebrity chef in Los Angeles, returns to her hometown of San Francisco to open a new restaurant, she runs into her old pal, a happily complacent musician still living at home and working for his dad. Though the two are reluctant to reconnect, they soon find the old sparks, and maybe some new ones, are still there.

Thumbs Up:

This is like the modern day When Harry Met Sally. The team behind this is the Asian American A team! Ali Wong and Randall Park show great chemistry and are actually friends in real life. What’s especially great about Sasha, and really about all of Always Be My Maybe, is that it gives its Asian female lead sexual urgency. She’s not just waiting around to be desired by the next self-involved celebrity.

Thumbs Down:

It feels like they are trying to cash in on the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ thing with two Asian leads and somewhat of an Asian theme which it misses. Another problem with this rom-com is that Marcus has no redeeming qualities except the boy who made her laugh and whose family looked after her. This doesn’t seem enough reason for a successful and smart woman to date a guy with zero personal development in 16 years.


Always Be My Maybe might have moments of strong sentimentality bordering on cliché, but its charm is worth the price.