Wema Sepetu reveals she contracted a disease while behind bars

Wema Sepetu (Photo: Instagram)

Former Miss Tanzania and actress, Wema Sepetu's troubles are yet to end.

After being locked away in prison for a week after skipping court hearings, Wema has revealed she contracted a disease that resulted in her admission to hospital.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with a Tanzanian media house, the socialite-cum-entrepreneur pointed out that jail is not a good place and that her health had not been the same since her arrest.

“Kwanza mbu ni wengi, walining’ata sana. Nilipimwa malaria, uti na vipimo vingine, lakini ugojwa haukubainika, alichonishauri daktari wangu ni kuwa ipo haja ya kupima vipimo vingine ili kujua."

Wema went on to explain that the doctor hasn’t come up with diagnosis and has advised her to test for Dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease as she is still feeling unwell.

Wema Sepetu (Photo: Instagram)

When asked whether she could have been unwell before her arrest, Wema confirmed she was okay and that whatever she is ailing from without a doubt came from prison.

 “Hapana, wakati naenda mahabusu nilikuwa nimeshapona muda mrefu, matatizo niliyapata huko. Kwanza nikiwa mahabusu niliumwa sana na tumbo, kichwa na mwili kuishiwa nguvu, hadi siku natoka sikuwa sawa kiafya,” she said.


Wema Sepetu was freed on bail after she was arrested and charged with breaching her bail terms.

Appearing at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday 24, Wema was granted bail and her next court hearing set for July 4, 2019.

Wema Sepetu during her bail hearing (Photo: Global Publishers)

The former Miss Tanzania was however given a stern warning by the court against skipping court hearings again as it would have dire consequences.

During the court proceedings, Wema was seen covering her face every so often and later exited the court premises using the back door to avoid the press.