Mr Seed and wife back on Instagram after cheating rumours

Kenyan Gospel Singer, Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri are back on social media. The pair quit Instagram a few weeks back after rumours of Mr Seed’s cheating surfaced.

The Wacheni Niimbe singer posted a picture of himself all smiles with the caption, “God’s blessings upon you this day my people. I love you all,” as his fans welcomed him, from his short ‘break’.

Cheating allegations

Ex-EMB Records artist Weezdom was caught up in rumours of Mr Seed cheating, taking to Instagram to distance himself from the matter which spiralled out of control soon after.

“About a month ago, I found a group of people in the gospel industry speaking ill of Mr Seed. They said there’s a girl who went to Mr Seed’s place and bedded him.

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“The girl claimed Mr Seed slept with her without her consent and she was going to expose him,” said Weezdom.

With a number of audio recordings accompanied by a lengthy caption, Weezdom who admits he didn’t want to go public with the issues, asked Mr Seed to keep him out of his cheating business.

Kenyan Gospel Singer, Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri are back on social media (Photo: Instagram)

“Today I’m a sad guy, but I chose to relax because the anger of a man does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20). So leo nimekua napigiwa simu na bloggers ati Mr Seed na wife yake wanasema nalipwa niwaharibie jina and that's why I chose to come out with the truth because I'm still a growing artist and it’s not fair for someone to go around tarnishing my name,” Weezdom said.

Break up

About a year ago, Mr Seed is said to have been dumped by his girlfriend Nimo after he failed to take their relationship to the next level.

Mr Seed and his wife (Photo: Instagram)

Speaking to a local radio station, Mr Seed stated that he had done nothing wrong and he still loved her.

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“I did nothing…I’ve done nothing wrong. And I cannot apologize on air. What I can say ni ati I love her so much,” said Mr Seed.

The two, however, got back together and are now proud parents to a handsome baby boy.