Meet Willy Paul’s 'babe', it’s not Nandy

Willy Paul.

For all those wondering who Willy Paul’s babe really is, wonder no more because he has revealed her face and it isn’t Nandy.

The controversial singer posted a picture of his white babe on his Instagram with a moving caption of how he only loves and trusts her as he has been disappointed by others.

“This is the only babe I trust. The rest sijui. Disappointments tupu! I love you white baby!” he wrote.

Willy Paul's babe (Photo: Instagram/Willypaul)

Willy Paul’s 'babe' is his white Mercedes Benz, that he loves and puts all his trust in.

Willy Paul with his baby (Photo: Instagram/Willypaul)

The Jigijigi singer has joined a list of other Kenyan celebrities that have publicly professed their love although it’s not what Kenyans expected.

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A few weeks ago Jalang’o posted a clip on his Instagram page revealing his woman to netizens who have been endlessly asking him to reveal his boo.

Jalang'o (Photo: Instagram/ Jalang'o)

The comedian revealed his ‘boo’ only that it was the white stretch of Diani’s immaculate beach and left Kenyans pranked!

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