Watangoja sana! Hope Kid on giving up gospel music after scandal

Hope Kid (Photo: Instagram/hopekid)

As they say, the internet never forgets, and for Gospel singer, Hope Kid, his supposed sex scandal has definitely not been forgotten.

Speaking during an Interview with Mambo Mseto, Hope Kid  opened up on how the said scandal almost made him quit his ‘calling’.

 “Around February when nilikuwa kwa hiyo scandal,niliface a lot of rejection from the church. Hiyo time nilikuwa najiuliza, nikotaka hapa niende Two Rivers juu kanisa imenifukuza, zile mizinga zitarushwa kwa meza yangu na mafans, ni mingi sana. The world will always show you love,” he said.

Looking back on what God has done for him, Hope Kid explained why he chose to hold on to his gospel music career.

“Since God is not the one who wronged me, human beings did, I couldn’t stop singing and praising Him. I have given God a million reasons to hate me, but none of those reasons has made Him change His mind. He loves me the same way so how can I stop singing for Him?”

For those expecting the singer to give up, Hope Kid commented saying, “Watangoja sana.”

Sex scandal

A young lady, confirmed by Pulse to be a 23-year old vixen, had come out anonymously to accuse Hope Kid and his musical counterpart, DK Kwenye Beat, especially the latter, of having raped and infected her with an STI.

Left, DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid (Photo: Instagram/dkkwenyebeat)

The scandal which was made public by social media influencer Xtian Dela, went viral with Kenyans trolling the two for their involvement.

According to Hope Kid, Xtian ran away with the story for ratings, and Kenyans chose to believe the accusations.

“Xtian has had beef with DK for the longest time, and this was his way of getting back,” says the Delilah singer.

“In all these, I was guilty of one thing only- introducing DK to the lady,” he said.

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Counting loses

Other than their fans' trust, Hope kid and DK Kwenye Beat’s careers haven’t been the same as they have lost a lot.

Left, Hope kid and Dk (Photo: Instagram/hopekid)

“In estimation, I have lost about Sh5 million in shows and deals, but it is what it is. I was dropped by some fast food company when we were in the final stages of shooting a video. I have so many bills to pay, school fees and rent for my immediate family, but I guess people don’t think about that when they go ahead to create scandals for artists…” Hope Kid lamented.

Following the ordeal, DK Kwenye Beat was hospitalized and later dropped from a few shows as well that resulted to him deleting all his Instagram post in a bid to, ‘start over’ maybe!

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DK went ahead and released a song by the title ‘Sorry ’alongside Bahati supposedly meant to apologize to his fans.