Wema Sepetu freed on bail after spending a week behind bars

Wema Sepetu freed on bail (Photo: Instagram/Global Publishers)

Tanzania actress Wema Sepetu has been freed on bail after she was arrested and charged with breaching her bail terms on Monday 17, 2019.

Appearing at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday 24, Wema Sepetu was granted bail and her next court hearing set for July 4, 2019.

The former Miss Tanzania was however given a stern warning by the court against skipping court hearings again as it would have dire consequences.

During the court proceedings, Wema was seen covering her face every so often and later exited the court premises using the back door to avoid the press.


In 2018, Wema Sepetu uploaded a video on her social media page of her and Patrick who she referred to as her ‘future hubby’ having an intimate session.

The post attracted the Tanzanian Film Board's attention and as a result, the actress was summoned to court and further banned from taking part in any local film content.

Wema and her 'Future Hubby' (Photo: Instagram)

Joyce Fissoo, a representative from the film board, described Wema’s action as disgraceful and shameful.


Wema, who was out on bail failed to appear in court for her hearing and therefore a warrant of arrest was issued by the court.

Reuben Simwanza, Wema’s lawyer told the court his client was in the court premises but could not get into the courtroom after suddenly falling ill.

She was consequently locked up for seven days.

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Wema arrested (Photo: Courtesy)


After Wema’s arrest, the guy featured on her explicit video opened consoled the actress.

Patrick, popularly known as PCK took to social media urging the Bongo star to remain strong as jail was not the end of life, adding that the consequences of the video which led to Wema’s arrest has really hurt him.

Wema was warned not to skip court her hearing (Photo: Instagram/Global Publishers)

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He posted a picture of Wema with the caption;

Pole sana but nimapito, hili litapita be strong.. nimeumia sana na kilichotokea but naamini Jela sio mwisho wa life yatapita na utakuwa tu strong”.