Weezdom cries as he denies he was paid to publicise Mr Seed’s sex scandal

Mr Seed and Weezdom.

Gospel singer Weezdom wept as he refuted claims that he was paid to tarnish Mr Seed’s name.

Speaking to Mseto’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva, a seemingly pained Weezdom distanced himself from rumours claiming Mr Seed cheated on his partner, Nimo Gachuiri.

According to the allegations, Mr Seed, who has since deactivated his social media accounts raped a female fan.

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Brother’s keeper

“About a month ago, I found a group of people in the gospel industry speaking ill of Mr Seed. They said there’s a girl who went to Mr Seed’s place and bedded him.

“The girl claimed Mr Seed slept with her without her consent and she was going to expose him,” said Weezdom.

Rather than join in on the tongue-lashing, Weezdom claimed that he opted to call Mr Seed and inform him about the rumours before they went public.

Tables turn

However, after the rumours went public, tables turned with Weezdom being accused of leaking the story to the press.

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“How does it involve me when someone beds another woman and they’re caught?

“It is high time we (the gospel industry) stopped blaming the devil or friends or any other person when one is caught in a scandal,” an emotional Weezom said as he teared up.


According to Weezdom, he was very hurt for being blamed for Mr Seed’s woes, yet he was only looking out for him.

“I’m being insulted everywhere that I exposed Mr Seed.

“I am tired of Mr Seed because he survives on sympathy. When he’s caught up in a true scandal, he wants to trend with my name.

“Even Ringtone stopped defending Seed because he knows the truth about the rumours.

“It’s about time Mr Seed carried his own cross.”

Following the rumours, Mr Seed's partner Nimo Gachuiri has also deactivated her social media accounts.