VIDEO: Boniface Mwangi refuses to give way to VIP motorcade driving on wrong side of road

Boniface Mwangi.

Activist and photojournalist Boniface Mwangi on Monday morning refused to give way to a VIP entourage driving on the wrong side of the road.

In a video uploaded by Mwangi, the three-car convoy is seen driving on the right side of the road toward oncoming traffic.

However, on reaching the activist’s vehicle, he refused to yield and let the vehicles pass.

“Why are you driving on the wrong side? I’m not going to move,” he is heard telling a bodyguard who had alighted from one of the vehicles.

While blasting ‘entitled civil servants,’ Mwangi said he can only give way to ambulances and fire engines.

“I only give way to ambulances and fire engines. I block entitled civil servants and politicians who love to use sirens to avoid traffic.

“As a taxpayer, l expect the people in this big cars to follow the law and work towards solving the perennial traffic jams,” stated Mwangi.

After seeing Mwangi was unbudging, the motorcade finally drove off on the adjacent lane.

“Obey the law! Shame on you,” Mwangi is heard castigating the motorcade as it drives off.

Forces MP to reverse

In 2016, alongside journalist Larry Madowo, Mwangi forced the driver of a Member of Parliament to reverse and follow traffic.

The duo blocked Mwingi West MP Bernard Kitungi’s vehicle that was being driven on the wrong side of the road.

In the video, Mwangi was seen telling the MP to “respect the law” and drive on the correct side.