Willy Paul gave me Sh400,000 for showing up - Comedian Jalang’o

[Photo: Courtesy]

Singer Willy Paul is walking on cloud nine, with a booster rocket on his back aiming for the stars when it comes to show business.

This is according to top comic Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o who, in a statement, disclosed that Pozee, as he is fondly known, is heavily booked with 29 shows lined up across the continent.

Jalang’o revealed that on Thursday, June 20, Pozee pushed Sh400,000 on his hand before cutting a fat cheque in order for him to be the singer’s official hype man.

The comedian noted that whilst Pozee is known as an individual, he now boasts a team of heavily built bodyguards, 14 dancers, designer, PA, Photographer, and designers who accompany him in every trip.

Here is the radio personality’s statement in full.

“So the other day I received a call from Kenya's no. 1 artist Willy Paul telling me he wanted to see me urgently. I asked Pozee WhatsApp!! He told me he urgently needed to see me! Ok! He asked me when are you free?

“I told him I am never free I Make time? So he asked me when I can I make time!! To sound busy I told him next week on Thursday!

“That's today...so Pozee called me today asking me if our meeting is on.

“I told him yes we are on. I asked him where we are meeting, Sankara rooftop private lounge. Pozee unajua huko? Hehehe...so I make my way to Sankara...I meet Pozee with 7 pumped guys; his security and a few boys and four very beautiful ladies.

“So I ask him, Mwana mkunaji how can I help you? Before I speak, Pozee pushes 400k Kenya shillings my way in cash telling me that's for accepting to meet me. OK. So Pozee tells me he wants me to his official Mc

“Apparently he has like 29 gigs lined up and he is heavily booked in the whole continent. He has a gig in SA, Nigeria, 4 in Tz, 7 In Uganda and several in Kenya. Busy schedule and apparently he has said he travels with his PA, Photographer, 14 dancers, Mc, and his designer. Wee.

“I tell him am ok with it but since I am a busy person he has to tell me the dates...He asked me how much I will charge him.

“I told him Heavy j baba is not cheap, he cuts a page from his checkbook and tells me to write my cost...This boy has arrived!! Boss Pozee I am at your service!!”