Woman sets husband’s car ablaze outside police station

[Photo: SAPS]

A woman is in custody in Boksburg North, Gauteng province, South Africa for setting ablaze her husband’s car at a police station.

According to Sowetan Live, the woman had accompanied her husband to Boksburg North police station after failing to settle a domestic dispute.

But as the man lodged a complaint against his wife claiming that she had abused him at their house, the woman reportedly slipped away to the parking lot.

Witnesses claim that she then set ablaze his truck and fled. The fire ignited two cars parked next to it.

One belonged to a police officer.

“The man came to the police station after failing to resolve their matter. He said she failed to understand that the man did not want to take her back after a year of break up,” said Constable Justice Ramaube.

She was later arrested and arraigned in court on Wednesday.