Want Sh40,000? Send Governor Mike Sonko this video

Mike Sonko.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered a Sh40,00 cash rewards to anyone who can produce a video of county officials allegedly harassing a suckling woman.

This is after photos of the woman sitting atop a city council vehicle while holding her baby went viral on social media.

According to Sonko, there are allegations that the woman was mishandled by the county askaris and made to sit on the vehicle.

The county chief revealed that the vehicle’s drivers claimed to have been on a lunch break only to return and find the woman sitting on the vehicle.

“I’m still disturbed by this case which we are still investigating for our necessary action and dismissal of the officers involved. I'm appealing to whoever has a video clip of how this poor woman was arrested and made to sit on top of this kanjo van.

The woman sits atop a kanjo vehicle.

“The allegations are that she was arrested, roughed up, tear gassed and later taken to be locked up at central police station.

“The driver says the vehicle was parked near the fire station as officers went for lunch, when they came back they found the woman breastfeeding juu ya roof ya gari.

“I'm trying to establish huyu mama alipanda vipi juu ya gari ya kanjo kama alikuwa ananyonyesha na kama mtu ako na video please send to 0722886600/0722156700. Reward 40k,” wrote Sonko.