Governor Sonko gifts former bodyguard Sh300,000

Screengrab of Governor Sonko at the wedding [Photo: Courtesy]

Guests at a wedding on Saturday, June 15 were for a few minutes left mouth ajar after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko whipped out crispy new notes and gifted his former bodyguard.

According to a video by NTV, Governor Sonko gifted the ex-bodyguard Sh300, 000 as he wedded in a glamorous event graced by several dignitaries including East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Simon Mbugua.

“Hawa paparazzi wanasema niko na pesa nyingi kwa nyumba, ati kwa sababu hii pesa ya sasa inataka kuondolewa kwa circulation.

“Sina hio pesa mzee, nilienda Central Bank, nikapeana wakanibadilishia, wakanipa pesa mpya. So nitapeana zawadi ya Sh300,000; the new notes. Hii ndio nimejaza kwa nyumba sasa,” said Sonko amidst laughter from the hundreds seated in the exquisitely decorated tables.

“This is three hundred thousand ya kuanzia maisha,” he went on.

Screengrab of Governor Sonko at the wedding [Photo: Courtesy]

Governor Sonko’s flamboyant lifestyle

Known to be rich and generous to a fault, Governor Sonko a month ago got the nation talking after an undated video of him purchasing a Versace pendant and chain worth Sh4.3 million emerged online.

“Kuja usikie bei hapa Makere,” Sonko was heard calling out to one of the members in his entourage in Dubai, UAE.

A store attendant was then heard breaking the price down for the governor who said he was purchasing it for his wife, Primrose Mbuvi.

“The pendant is 98, 200 Dirham and the chain is 56, 000 Dirham. The total would be 154, 200 Dirham,” said the store attendant.

Sonko in Dubai [Photo: Courtesy]

Unfazed, the Governor reached into his pocket and pulled out crisp dollar bills to the amusement of the storekeepers.

Saumu Mbuvi

His eldest daughter Saumu is hot on the heels of her flamboyant father.

A few days ago, Saumu sent social media buzzing after she flaunted wads of cash.

“I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I am not afraid to eat alone” she captioned the picture.