Chilling photos: Massive crocodile is swallowed whole by python

Olive pythons often target freshwater crocodiles, say experts.

These stunning images captured the moment a python swallowed a massive crocodile whole after attacking it in an Australia swamp.

The jaw-dropping spectacle was captured by a kayaker who came across the grisly scene in Queensland.

In order to devour its prey, the python had unhinged its jaw after first squeezing the reptile to death using its muscular frame.

The snake unhinged its jaw in order to swallow the reptile whole.

The olive python, which is the second largest snake in Australia, slowly devours most of the crocodile, which is only visible by its tail before slithering off.

Martin Muller shared the pictures with GG Wilidlife Rescue who then posted them on their Facebook page.

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"Amazing pictures of an olive python, Australia's second largest snake, having a feed on an Australian freshwater crocodile," the post read.

"Wow, amazing nature, I love both these creatures and understand the need to eat."

Michelle Jones, who owns the non-profit organisation told Daily Mail Australia: "It's common for them to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth."

The stunning pictures sparked a huge reaction on Facebook with 15,000 people commenting.