Instagram update makes it easier to recover your account if it's hacked


It’s something that most Instagram users dread, but if your account is hacked, thankfully it’s now much easier to regain control.

Instagram has launched two new updates this week, in the hopes of making the account-recovery process faster and easier.

An Instagram spokesperson said: “We know that losing access to your account can be a distressing experience and, in response to feedback from the Instagram community, we are sharing two new updates that we've been working on to make it easier for you to recover your account if it’s been hacked.”

Firstly, Instagram is testing a new in-app experience, which can be accessed by clicking on ‘Need more help’ on the login page.

The experience will ask you to enter different types of information, such as the email address or phone number associated with your account.

Instagram will then send a 6-digit code to the contact information you select, which will allow you to regain your account.

Best of all, this experience allows you to recover your account, even if your username has been changed by a hacker.

Instagram added: “As we improve this experience, in the next few months our goal is to allow you to recover your account directly in the app, without the need for additional information to be provided on email to our community operations team.”

 Secondly, Instagram is launching a new way to ensure your username is safe for a period of time after any account changes.

This means that it can’t be claimed by someone else if you lose your account.

Instagram explained: “We observed that if someone changes or loses their username (e.g. if they want to switch usernames or if their account is hacked) it can sometimes be claimed quickly by another person.

“With this feature, we give the account holder the security of knowing that their username will not be available to be claimed by someone else for a period of time following any changes.”

The updates are available now to all Android users, and will be rolled out on iOS soon