20 years in jail for woman found guilty of killing hubby on Valentine’s Day

Eric Ssenyonjo and Agnes Nakku on their wedding day. Photo: Courtesy.

A 27-years-old woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after being found guilty of killing her husband on Valentine’s Day.

According to the prosecution, Jackline Nakku severally hit her husband Eric Ssenyonjo Kiddu on the head with an iron bar resulting in his death.

Ssenyonjo’s body was found in a pool of blood with a panga, iron bar and a brick beside it.

False alarm

The court heard that after killing her husband, Jackline ran out of their house and raised an alarm, attracting neighbours.

“She rushed to the neighbours and told them that her husband had been attacked by unknown people in their bedroom,” said the prosecution.

Agnes Nakku leaves court.

However, eyewitnesses told the court that the couple had a wrangle leading up to the fatal fight.

Eric had accused Jackline of having an affair with another man.

While reading out the ruling, Justice Susan Okolany said that it was evident the accused intended to kill her husband as she concentrated on hitting his head.

Chaos ensued outside the court room as Jackline and Eric’s relatives traded accusations.

The murder occurred at their home in Nabuuti village in the Central Region of Uganda on February 14, 2018.