‘Mulmulwas’ responds to DP Ruto, turns down offer

DP William Ruto chats with West Pokot Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo [Photo: Charles Kimani\DPPS]

Dennis Ruto Kapchok, a West Pokot County politician who was branded as 'Mulmulwas' by Governor John Lonyangapuo has turned down a job offer from Deputy President William Ruto.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Kapchok said that while he appreciates DP Ruto’s Friday offer, he will not accept it.

Kapchok explained that he did not apply for any job and added that DP Ruto was misled on the issue and insisted that he will continue with his fight.

“I didn’t apply for any job. I appreciate the offer but I doubt if I will take the job. My fight against fundamental issues on impunity, corruption, and misuse of resources in the County cannot be reduced to a job.

“The sewage project has a lot of interest Kapchok  who calls himself the acting senator of the County insisted that he was pushing for serious things to help West Pokot residents. It is not about Dennis Kapchok alone,” he said.

Speaking at Tamkal Secondary school on June 14, DP Ruto offered the former MCA aspirant an unspecified position.

“I heard your governor complaining about one Mlumulwas, who hails from your neighbourhood here. The governor said Mulmulwas is unemployed. I want to say this, I’ll get Mlumulwas employment,” said Ruto.

According to DP Ruto, 'Mulmulwas', were he to accept the offer, was to refrain in “opposing the government in its bid to bring development in the area” and instead engage in meaningful activities.

“He, however, must stop opposing the government in its bid to bring development in the area. He must refrain. His work shouldn’t entail stopping the construction of a sewerage system somewhere within the county. That is not work; that is stupidity. If he wants, he should look for a job, and I am ready to help him get a job. Opposing the government, shouldn’t be Mulmulwas’s priority,” added the DP.

Kapchok’s viral name came about following Governor Lonyangapuo’s fiery phrase “Kijana fupi, amenona, round; huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi na mgongo ni wapi… Hana kazi, hana kazi.”

A statement Kapchok attributed to his hardline stance on Governor Lonyangapuo's deputy Nicholas Atudonyang.