How Diamond returned favour extended to him by Eto'o

Diamond with Eto'o in Dar es Salaam [Photo: Courtesy]

Diamond Platnumz was in the better part of February and March 2019 in France building his fan base in Europe.

Riding high with his Tetema collaboration, Diamond was flanked by his dancers and manager Sallam SK as he made inroads that are said to have resulted in the Inama hit featuring Fally Ipupa.

That aside, the fruitful tour also saw him meet Africa’s most decorated football stars; Samuel Etoo and Didier Drogba.

In particular, the WCB boss could not hide his glee in meeting Eto'o who boasts three African Player of the Year awards and three Champions League titles among others.

“Because making Our African Continent Proud is our Pleasure…. A blessed day at my brother @setoo9 ‘s Paris Home!” He posted

Ijumaa Wikienda reports that the singer was pleased with the hospitality the Cameroon footballer accorded to him and shared photos of himself holding two of the three 'big ears'.

Diamond with Etoo [Photo: Courtesy]

He reportedly took the opportunity to welcome Eto'o to Tanzania and hosted him in kind at his mansion located in Mbezi Beach Dar es Salaam.

Just like Eto'o did, Diamond also took the footballer to his 'wall of fame' where he flaunted his accolades.

“Wakiwa Mbezi-Beach, Mondi alihakikisha Eto’o anakula vyakula vya Kibongo na mwisho wa siku naye akampeleka kuangalia mafanikio yake kwenye muziki ambapo alimuonesha tuzo zake nyingi zilizopangwa kwenye kabati maalum ambazo alizipata ndani na nje ya nchi kwa nyakati tofauti.

Baada ya yote kupita, Mondi alimsikilizisha baadhi ya nyimbo zake na mwisho kabisa wakaelekea eneo la kucheza pool table na kuanza kucheza,” said the insider.

Diamond with Eto'o [Photo: Courtesy]


March 11 was Diamond’s moment with former Les Éléphants captain Didier Drogba.

He treated the Ivorian football legend to the sounds of East Africa as the Chelsea icon turned 41 in style at an invite-only birthday party held in Paris.

In a video shared by Platnumz on Instagram, Drogba was seen grooving to Tetema with impressive ease reminiscent of his flamboyant celebratory moves at Stamford Bridge.