Socialite Zodwa Wabantu dumps lover a month after pricey proposal

Zodwa with Ntobeko [Photo: Courtesy]

The fanfare surrounding the engagement of controversial South African dancer turned socialite Zodwa Wabantu is over.

Wabantu,33, has put the wedding plans on hold just a month after going down on one knee and to propose to Ntobeko Linda,24, with a Sh428,397 diamond ring.

Breaking the news to her legion of fans on Instagram, Wabantu posted that she is “tired of the relationship.”

"I'm losing myself. I need my spark back. I'm not happy anymore. Free Ntobeko he's still growing. No wedding," she wrote.

The socialite famed for her over the top panty-less dancing antics, however, told the Juice on Monday, June 10 that the wedding was not necessarily dead and buried.

"I'm just tired of the relationship. I'm hurt so I'm taking time off from him. Not from the relationship or the wedding. So, it's just a break," Wabantu was quoted saying.

[Photo: Courtesy]

She added to News 24 that the decision to cool it off was solely hers.

"It's up to me. I'll see how I feel. Or if I'm okay. Or how I can fix our relationship.

"I'm just feeling emotionally drained. I think it's everything. So, I just need time off for myself then I will see."

In her May proposal, Wabantu ordered the pricey bespoke diamond ring from Diamond Jewellery International, Johannesburg, and posted it with a caption “marry yourself girl…”

Those three words seem to have come full circle.

“We as women we give our men money to marry us. Hard working women hide that they marry themselves by giving their boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola. 

“Mine, queen. I bought it myself, marry yourself girl. Custom made princess style 9ct Rose Gold Morganite. Mine, my ring. Don't give your boyfriends money to act like they bought it for you. Buy it yourself,” she wrote at the time.