Ex-glamour model Kate Price reunites with her bright pink Range Rover

The ex-glamour model was spotted back behind the wheel of her 4x4 [Photo: Courtesy]

Kate Price has been spotted back behind the wheel of her bright pink Range Rover after her three-month driving ban was lifted.

Back in February, the 40-year-old mum was found guilty of being drunk while in charge of a motor vehicle.

As she was pictured making a return to the roads this weekend, Katie appeared to be wearing her seatbelt incorrectly, with the strap placed under her arm rather than across her chest.

The former glamour model was seen casually dressed in a white jumper and with her blonde locks scraped into a loose updo and tied with a pink bow as she took her 4x4 out for a spin on Friday with a female friend.

The outing comes after Katie previously vowed to scrap her pink car after facing driving charges in court, saying she would treat herself to a new model when her ban was over.

Katie Price is back on the roads again [Photo: Courtesy]

Speaking outside Bexley Magistrates' back in February, Katie said: "I was given a choice of having 10 points on my license or to be disqualified for three months.

"I chose to be disqualified for three months because it adds on to my disqualification that I'm already on, which means I get my driving license back on the 24th of May which means I can go car shopping - let's ban the pink car."

Katie was convicted of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle last October after her Range Rover was found damaged and crashed in a bush in south-east London following a boozy night out with boyfriend Kris Boyson.

She was sentenced to a three-month ban and told to pay costs towards her magistrate's court fees.

Katie was cleared of drink-driving as the judge said there was no case to answer because there was no evidence of who had been driving the car before police arrived at the scene.

Katie wore her long locks tied up with a pink bow [Photo: Courtesy]

During an appearance on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show, Katie was angry when the host asked her about 'the drink-driving stories.'

"No, it wasn't drink-driving, I was drunk in charge of a car - it's completely different from drink-driving," she hit back.

"It's a keyless car, you can even open it from outside the car, so they got me even though I was in the back of the car," she said, explaining that the key had been in her handbag.

"I've never been done for drunk-driving. I would never drink and drive."