What Ruto told me when he called - father of boy killed in motorcade

Parents of Sidney Mambala from left his father Felix Mambala (in red shirt) and mother Elizabeth Akinyi (right). [Photo: Ignatius Odanga]

Deputy President William Ruto’s tour of Western Kenya on Friday turned tragic in the tail end when one of the cars in his entourage killed a six-year-old boy.

Sidney Mambala was among the crowd that had turned up at St Benedict Budalang’i High School to receive Ruto when he attended the school’s annual general meeting.

Before going to the school, Ruto had launched the Sh7 billion Lower Nzoia Irrigation Project and commissioned the construction of a research centre at the Sisenye Irrigation Scheme.

Thereafter, he went to preside over a funds drive in Butula Constituency.

As the propeller of the chopper started rotating, the minor positioned himself strategically about 40 metres away from the chopper to witness Ruto leave.

He, however, got scared by the sound of the propellers and decided to run cross the road oblivious of a fleet of vehicles that were leaving, heading for Butula. It is at that time that the vehicle carrying the Deputy President’s Press Service hit him. The vehicle was driven to the Busia Police Station and was still there yesterday.

Mambala was rushed to Port Victoria Sub-county Hospital where doctors referred him to the county hospital. He was pronounced dead at about 10 pm on Friday. 

The boy’s father, Felix Nambala said that was his first child and had left their home in Mulwanda village to see DP Ruto.

He said the DP called to say he was sorry for the tragedy and that he would stand with the family during this trying moment “The DP told me he was sorry for the loss of my child but it is painful,” Felix said.

Senior officials from the office of DP spent a better part of yesterday with the family of the dead boy.