Governor Mike Sonko speaks on daughter’s attack for first time

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, Governor Mike Sonko and daughter Saumu [Photo: Courtesy]

The brutal attack on Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip and Saumu Mbuvi was premeditated.

This according to Governor Sonko who defended his daughter Saumu saying that she is a grown-up who was minding her own business with friends at Memphis Lounge.

Sonko, in a video following his aborted show with Jeff Koinange, claimed that the goons who who targeted the two during the UEFA Champions League finals night, were paid.

Alikuwa anaangalia mpira na Senator wa Lamu na other people na madem, mambo tu ya mtaa ya kawaida unajua mtu akiwa grown up amezaa she’s over 21 years lazima ako na right ya freedom yake,” said Sonko.

The Governor further alleged that the attack came a day after five armed men “armed with machetes, bows, and arrows” attempted to raid his Nairobi residence.

“They came to my private residence in Upper Hill . At times when I am tired I just relax there. Around midnight on the 30th of June, they came, wakagonga ukuta na mapanga and jumped into the compound. We had to shoot in the air to disperse them. Mmoja aka anguka chini, kumwuliza akasema ametumwa,” he narrated.

According to Saumu, she was attacked by unknown men as they left the popular club near United States International University.

Trouble began when she excused herself to the washrooms but was confronted by a man who pulled and tore her blouse.

When she screamed another unknown person hurled a stone towards her before the Senator rushed to her side having been alerted by the commotion.

“The man came out of the room and pleaded for forgiveness and I told Anwar to let him go,” she said.

At about 2.40 am, the man who had confronted her in the washroom re-appeared at the car lot as they left in the company of nine other men who bludgeoned the senator with crude weapons.