Bahati claims Mr Seed and David Wonder owe him over Sh6 million

Mr seed and Bahati (Photo: Courtesy)

The constant back and forth between Bahati and his once signed artists and friends, Mr Seed and David Wonder just got interesting.

Responding to reports that the EMB Records boss owes Mr Seed and David Wonder money after they exited his company, the 'Barua' hitmaker unleashed a bombshell.

Speaking during an Interview on NTV Sasa, Bahati clarified he doesn't  owe Mr Seed and David any money, but on the contrary, the two are the ones that owe him more than Sh6 million in cash.

“Sijawahi ongea hii kitu somewhere else but nadai hawa vijana more than Sh6 million, that’s why they created a story to trend, but time will tell, where are they?” Bahati said.

Probably taken aback by Bahati’s claims, Mr Seed reposted the Video of Bahati making the above claims on his Instagram asking the singer to 'stop lying on Live Television'.

“I have achieved so much in 3months I give God all the glory. But my brother, I love you and because of the love I have for you I forgave you for everything you did to me and my family. But I wonder why you should go and lie live on national TV?? Anyways God bless you for everything. No hard feelings though,” he wrote.

A few of Mr Seed’s fans couldn’t believe what Bahati was claiming while others found it hilarious that they ‘owed’ more than Sh6 million from the singer.

Magara_jesse 6 million kwani anadai kidneys ulimi pamoja na dhambi zako

Iam_danntwofivefour Heri nyinyi mnadaiana 6 Million,mimi ata 10 bob sina

Eddah_bange Enyewe Bahati is the new China!! Anakopeshana 6million aje?

Iryne_kiruga Bahati anacopy mr sonko????????????????-ati 6million

Ngolo7.kante kwani ni dhambi zako anadai????

Its_carito More than 6m kwani mlikuwa mnafanya biashara gani hiyo

Jerry_jereh Was wondering why I wasn't paid my 3 months’ salary kumbe mulipewa 6 Million.

Pnganga2003 Ati 6,000,000 na at a 1bob kwaku kuget ni gumu

The once very tight pair parted ways after Mr Seed accused Bahati of calling the cops on his wife, a move that made him quit Bahati’s EMB records label.

“After two successful years being signed under EMB Records, I have finally decided to go independent and be my own artiste for the sole purpose of paving way for other young and coming artists that Bahati has been taking in that need the platform and support that EMB has offered to me and can offer,” wrote Mr Seed.