Classic 105 bashed for ‘insensitive’ question on women killings

“Guys, what’s the worst thing a woman could do to make you end her life," the question read.

Kenyans online bashed Kenyan radio station Classic 105 over a question viewed by many as being inconsiderate.

During the morning show on 29 May hosted by Maina Kageni and Mwalimu ‘Churchill’ King’ang’i, the station shared an engagement post regarding the recent rise in women killings in Kenya.

“Guys, what’s the worst thing a woman could do to make you end her life?” the post read.

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It attracted the ire of Kenyans on social media, where some opinionated that the post implied there’s a valid reason to murder a woman.


MPs protest killings

This comes just four days after female members of parliament protested against the widespread killings of women and girls. The legislators launched an initiative to educate the public on the need to value lives though a campaign dubbed “Her Life Matters.”

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On May 30, a vigil was held at the University of Nairobi in memory of all the victims.