Willy Paul ni mwoga- Nandy speaks

Willy Paul and Nandy during the Hallelujah shoot. Photo: IG/willy.paul.msafi .

Tanzanian songstress Faustina Charles Mfinanga better known as Nandy has opened up on behind the scenes happenings during the Hallelujah shoot with Willy Paul.

In a video shared by Willy Paul on May 2, he is seen blushing as Nandy lays her hands on his shoulders.

“Virgin boy, tag all the shy dudes you know... @officialnandy made me feel so shy when she first touched me kwa hii video... I'm not used to these kind of shoots!! Watch and leave a comment,” he captioned the video.


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In an exclusive interview on Word With SDE, the Ninogeshe singer explained why Pozee was blushing in the video.

“Willy Paul ni mwoga. Aliblush kwa vile anajitambulisha kama gospel artiste (Willy Paul is shy. He blushed since his brand is that of a gospel artiste),” said Nandy.

She also addressed criticism for naming the song Hallelujah, yet it’s not a gospel track.

“Hallelujah inatumika kwa maana nyingi. Tuylivyomaanisha sisi ni kama unavyoweza kuona kitu kizuri useme Hallelujah, kumaanisha Mungu kaumba (Hallelujah is used in different contexts. In our case, the term is an exclamation when you see something good and say Hallelujah, meaning God’s creation),” she said.

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