VIDEO: Is Zari Hassan vacating Diamond Platnumz’s mansion?

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Has South Africa based Ugandan socialite cum entrepreneur Zari Hassan bowed to pressure to vacate a mansion bought by Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz?

This is the question many are asking after a video emerged online that seems to suggest that the moneyed Zari is preparing to shift to a grander house with a striking balance of white and grey exterior.

According to Buzz Uganda, Zari purchased the house located in an upscale neighbourhood in SA with her own cash.

She has reportedly ordered exquisite furnishings that will dwarf those in her current house said to have cost Platnumz a whooping Sh43.6 million back in 2016.

This comes amidst talk that her relationship with the secretive "King Bae" is on a new high with a wedding on the horizon.

Diamond's house which Zari currently resides in [Photo: Courtesy]

A month ago, however, Zari was breathing fire on Instagram that she has no intention of vacating the property having used her wits to acquire the house from Platnumz for her family.

She added that she owns four other houses in South Africa and anyone who has an issue with her living in her estranged baby daddy’s house should try kicking her out.

“Wenye comment za toka kwa nyumba yetu. Tabia za kuzaa na wanaume bila kutumia akili sio tatizo langu. Nilitumia akili zangu kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu (It’s a future investment for the kids).Kumbuka nyumba ninazo 4 apa sauzi. Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe,” posted Zari.

Speaking to Wasafi Fm that same month, Platnumz confirmed that the property still bore his name but he had no intention of kicking Zari out.

“Kwa nini nifanye hivyo? Sina roho mbaya. Akae mpaka siku atachoka. Anaweza akaja na bwanake pale… sijawai kuongea kwenye mtandao, sijawai kuusema. Sina huo ushamba. Nshaachana na yeye sina roho mbaya,” said the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO.

Here is the new house:


My blessed ZARINAH life choose you??????????????#istandwithzari #kingbae #strongwoman @zarithebosslady

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