How fake gold scammers dupe suspects

The scammers had the audacity to impersonate a senior government official.

The fake gold scam has lifted the lid on the murky under-world dealings that occur in the city right under the noses of the authorities. 

The revelation that the scammers had the audacity to impersonate a senior government official, however, was not news to those who have had a brush with members of the racket.

A man who has fallen victim of the ruthless gang confided to The Grapevine that the gold scammers work with individuals who are a spitting image of top government officials to dupe unsuspecting Kenyans and foreigners.  

The ‘doubles’ of the senior Kenya state officers   are said to be shipped from a country in West Africa.

Elsewhere, a chief officer in a county in Rift Valley seems to be in love with the head of region's Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

So brazen is the relationship that the chief officer brags to anyone who cares to listen about their escapades that occur after work.

The female chief officer's open romance with the anti-graft head has sent tongues wagging in the county executive's corridors with her colleagues and other officers wondering if the alliance is meant smoothen things when she gets in trouble or meant to intimidate them that she has the detectives on her leash.