Clever! Jalang’o introduces 'woman' in his life, leaves fans restless

Jalang'o [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenyans who have been taunting comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o to reveal the woman in his life got more than what they bargained for on Saturday, May 19.

This is after the funny man decided to dig deep and unleash a tongue in cheek response that left many of his followers bewildered and painfully pranked by how cleverly he manoeuvred his way out.

In a clip posted by Jalang’o on his Instagram page, the comedian addressed the rumours by introducing a long, white stretch of Diani’s immaculate beach that seemed to hug the ocean as he tilted his phone side to side.

Many, who were expecting to see the ‘beauty’ on the comic’s side, were visibly stunned and shared their sentiments claiming he dodged the question.

But, did he?

Not necessarily. The ‘she’ in his caption “Jalas tell us who she is...” could as well, as he explained, mean nature and as mostly understood, mother earth and all she embodies is personified as female.

Here are some of the comments directed at the super secretive comedian who despite being on the limelight for a considerable amount of time, has kept parts of his life, including relationships, under wraps.

Be the judge…


Jalas tell us who she is...????????????????????????

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