Beyond Manchester United video, the meteoric rise of Eric Omondi

[Photo: Courtesy]

It takes real talent and experience to entertain everyone.

Better yet, it takes real skill to make them laugh and hold them in a thrall for decades.

This is a craft Eric Omondi seems to have mastered by stepping out of cliché tribal jokes and wiggling himself out of common, Kenyan, stand-up humor centered on stereotypes.

Since sliding away from Churchill Show, a platform he made a name for himself from, the funny bone has carved out a huge niche online.

Omondi, like comic Njugush, has taken advantage of the shifting traditional market to capture an online audience that has catapulted his craft to the world stage via short videos.

Take for instance a very marketable and durable sketch he made ‘throwing shade’ at his favorite club, Manchester United, three days ago.

The video created by Africa's Best Comedian, according to the 2018 African Entertainment Awards, hit a turbo charge and went viral around the world.

It has garnered over 180,000 views on his Instagram page and attracted the attention of diehard Manchester fans, troll hunters and pundits across the globe.

On the forefront were super fan pages; United Extra, Footy Humour, and Sportbible.

“Man Utd are getting mocked globally now,” read a tweet from Footy Humour, a page that boasts over 800,000 followers and dedicated to the funny side of football.  

United Xtra with over 225,000 followers tweeted, “Lads, we’re being bantered off by our brothers in Africa. Peak times.”

Sportbible on its part shared to its over 11 million followers on Facebook that Omondi “couldn't even give them away for free!”

The lucrative online sector has attracted brands, and comics like Omondi are said to be making a killing away from regular comedy shows.

He is now at liberty to hold his own when it comes to entertainment and has for the past months been documented drawing huge crowds to stadiums as he marches towards touring all 47 counties.

This past week, Omondi was in Meru County, his 15th stop in the series, where he made a ‘presidential entrance’ and treated his fans to an experience like no other.

“When the president is in your town...Thank you Meru...Mombasa you will experience a bit of traffic and re-routing since the president will be in your town this week in preparation for Eric Omondi Stadium Tour Mombasa this coming Saturday,” he posted.

Away from the ‘local scene,’ Omondi regularly shares the stage as ‘Kenya’s un-official representative’ with other most sought after comedians from Africa such as Nigerian funny man Bright Okpocha alias Basketmouth and Uganda’s Salvador among others.