If it was about money I would be with well-off people - Diana Marua on dating Bahati

Diana Marua [Photo: Courtesy]

Diana Marua has denied reports that she is in singer Bahati’s life for money.

In an interview with True Love Magazine, Marua said that Bahati offered her genuine affection and that he was a man she could build a legacy with.

Marua went ahead to disclose that had it been about money, she would have fallen for other moneyed individuals who offered her the finer things in life such as cars.

“Others say I want him for the money. Even he laughs about that. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars.

“With Bahati, I asked God for someone who would love me genuinely and Bahati was the man I knew I wanted to grow and build a legacy with,” said Marua.

She also told the magazine that she met Bahati the same day she busted her then lover cheating in a car.

Marua narrated that Bahati offered her solace and that he was one of the reasons she made a turnaround.

“Bahati and I started off as friends. We met in 2016 when he was looking for a video vixen for his hit song Mapenzi.

“I remember I was awestruck. I even took selfies for my Instagram followers.

"I was seeing someone when we met but on the day of the video shoot, I found him cheating inside his car. The tears you see in the video are real heartbreak tears,

I respected Bahati so much that sometimes when I was tipsy and I knew I was going to meet him, I would chew many pks to mask the smell. He would know I was tipsy but I always tried to make light of it,” disclosed Marua.