Tanzanian songbird speaks on why she kept her relationship with late mogul private

Nandy [Photo: Courtesy]

Fast-rising Tanzanian songbird Nandy has revealed that she and her lover, the late media mogul Ruge Mutahaba, kept their relationship under wraps because not most people would approve.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Nandy explained that Mutahaba’s previous relationship was a learning point considering the publicity and drama it aroused.

According to Nandy, they decided to chart their own private love life away from the prying eyes of the public so as to protect themselves and those around them.

“Nilikataa kwa sababu hatukupenda mahusiano yetu kwa sababu I know ingekuwa iko open ingekuwa ni more worse than hata hivo walivyokuwa wamejua kidogo. Kuna watu ambao wangeona ni sawa lakini wengi hawangeona ni sawa so tulikuwa tunajaribu sisi wote wawili kutengeneza njia ya maisha yetu binafsi ili kufikia lengo letu,” said Nandy.

She narrated that they had structured their way around the Clouds Media fraternity, both their families and her career in music.

Sio hofu ya mziki ama kazi katika maisha yetu tulikuwa tayari tumeshapanga maisha tunavyoyaendesha kuanzia mziki wangu na position yake na hata familia ya clouds na familia zetu. Lakini kikubwa tumeona madhara, especially yeye ndiye aliweka mahusiano yake wazi ilikuwa inamaneno drama kipindi hata siko naye nilikuwa naona kwa hivo hatukutaka hio lifestyle iendelee tena kwenye maisha yetu,” she narrated.

Following Mutahaba’s demise due to kidney failure on February 26, 2019, at the age of 49 while receiving treatment in South Africa, Nandy posted a tear-jerking tribute.

“Ruge was my closest friend, everything to me. Ruge understood my dream. Ruge gave me the heart to fight even if I grew up wanting to give up. Ruge saw my dreams and did not worry about me achieving it,

“Everyone has a man who is created by GOD for them. And how an encounter with someone may be long enough to have bumps on the road, sometimes, it can deter you, but at the end of the day, everything works out.”

Willy Paul

A while back, Kenyans were mesmerized by the chemistry between Willy Paul and Nandy after a segment on their song Hallelujah hit the web. In it, Nandy gyrated on Willy Paul fuelling rumours that they could be dating.

A move denied by Pozze who stated that they were just friends.

“Nandy is my older sister, whom I respect so much.”

Born in Berkeley, San Jose California - United States in May 1970, Ruge Mutahaba owned and served as the Programs Director at Clouds Media Group.