Akothee breathing fire, schools up-coming artists in hard hitting post

Akothee [Photo: Courtesy]

Some upcoming artists lack self-respect, business ethics and proper know-how in maneuvering their way up the ladder.

This is according to singer Akothee who took to Instagram and schooled the budding artists on how they should conduct themselves in the industry.

In the explosive post, Akothee slammed the artists for feeling entitled and conducting themselves improperly in the pursuit of fame.

“Some artists are disrespectful, undisciplined, ungrateful, egocentric and stupid, there is no amount of fame that can earn you respect if you lose the essence of conducting yourself in some manner! with people you were dying to meet or seek help from, the worst artists to work with are hungry upcoming and the fallen heroes, with one hit song of 19000 you think you own the world,” posted Akothee.

The songbird rubbished artists who force friendships and demand private information such as where prospective artists whom they are seeking collabos from live.

“Please if you are an artist without behavior or discipline, don’t even try to contact me, I will insult you! expose your dirty misplaced behaviors in public, so stay in your lane, otherwise grow slowly or die alone, enough of rubbish, people have been in the industry before you, and all you do all day long is to complain about people making it, who is holding you back though?

“Its none other than your character, call yourself for a meeting please, and you wonder why I don’t do random collabos , it’s because I don’t take shit , I did major collabos with diamond and Flavor when I was an upcoming, I didn't bother them, neither force friendship or even ask where their homes are that’s called self-respect,” she added.

It is not clear who the firebrand artists was taking slingshots at.