Only ‘good for nothing’ jokers complain of lack of serious women to date

Have you ever noticed that it is only these good-for-nothing deadbeat men who are always lamenting that it is difficult to get a girlfriend in Nairobi because all women are cold-hearted, calculating gold diggers?

I knew this bloke from my old neighborhood. He was a decent looking guy in his mid-twenties. However, he was a don’t-care-ish slacker who couldn’t hold down a job for more than a month.

He spent his days playing video games and smoking weed with his dead-beat friends. He depended on his well-to-do parents to pay for his rent and buy him groceries.

The interesting thing is that he was always moaning about how he couldn’t get a girlfriend because all women are money hungry gold-diggers.

Meanwhile, he was just drifting through life with no goals or plans for the future, trusting that mommy and daddy would always be there to bail him out when he fell on hard times.

As if laziness and lack of motivation are desirable character traits!

Who would want a man who sits around, wasting his life away? It was ridiculous. Which woman in her right mind would want to be the girlfriend of or even sleep with a loser with no ambition?

As if laziness and lack of motivation are desirable character traits (Photo: Courtesy)

I know I am speaking for many women when I say that women are not attracted to money; they are attracted to ambition.

The fact that highly ambitious men are usually loaded is just incidental.

It doesn’t matter how good looking you are. Lacking ambition and not having a path or purpose in life is such a turn-off. You don’t need to have lots of money, or any money at all for that matter, to attract women.

You only need drive and ambition to accomplish your goals. Ambition and personal drive turn me on! I like hearing a man talking about his passion and goals and seeing him going out there to work for it! I would date a man who takes risks and goes after his dreams even if when he hasn’t hit the big bucks yet.

Forget about these bimbos who want iPhones and trips to Dubai as soon as you start dating. A genuine woman recognizes potential and will stick with a struggling man as long as he is driven and ambitious because she knows money will surely follow. While the bimbos are only interested in the present moment, she sees the future.

Lacking ambition and not having a path or purpose in life is such a turn-off (Photo: Courtesy)

We are always hearing of these heart-warming rags to riches stories of a struggling man who makes it big and the woman who stuck by his side even when he had nothing.

We see the woman being hailed as the epitome of a real woman who is not interested in a man’s wealth or material possessions when the truth of the matter is, she stuck around because she knew the money would come eventually.

She saw his drive and his ambition. There is no woman who would stick by a lazy bum who has no passion or drive to achieve his goals. If you see a woman dating a broke guy, it is only because she sees potential in him.

So, no, gentlemen. You are not having a hard time attracting women because you are broke.  It is because you are slacker with no ambition. Real women don’t chase men with money. They chase men who have ambition.