Man hangs self after slitting ex-lover’s throat in bedroom

Security officers remove their bodies from the scene [Photo: Jacinta Mutura]

A man allegedly killed his ex-lover before hanging himself in what locals linked to a suspected domestic row.

Peter Nderitu reportedly cut Beatrice Wanjiku's throat inside his bedroom in Ndemu village, Laikipia East, yesterday.

The two are said to have separated but the woman frequently visited him since they had a child together.

"The neighbours wondered where the two were prompting them to check on them only to find the woman lying in a pool of blood and the man dangling from the bedroom's roof," said Umande Chief Wang'ombe Wanjau.

Mr Wanjau said the woman seemed to have tried to escape as there were signs of commotion in the house.

A knife and panga lay beside Wanjiku's body, which had deep cuts in the head.