VIDEO: Msupa S told to stop doing music after ‘pathetic’ rap battle

Msupa S and Best Boomer (Photo: Courtesy)

Ever imagined what a broken record sounds like? Well, some of Msupa S’s fans would rather listen to a broken record or worse sleep next to a generator throughout the night than listen to the Kalenjin sensation rap.

Over the weekend, Msupa S, real name Sandra Chebet Koech was a guest on Switch TV’s Happy Hour game night segment with Shaffie Weru, DJ Kalonje and DNG alongside her Music counterpart Best Boomer.

In a video shared on Switch TV’s YouTube channel, the two, Msupa S and Best Boomer are challenged to a rap battle and they take up the challenge.

Msupa S and Best Boomer are challenged to a rap battle and they take up the challenge (Photo: Courtesy)

Well, let’s just say for the most part of the rap battle, Msupa S, ‘Queen of rap’ didn’t live up to her fans expectations.

What’s the definition of rapping, one might wonder because according to the comments on the video, Msupa S’s performance was nowhere near it.

Shaffie Weru, DJ Kalonje and DNG were literally in stitches laughing their hearts out to the hilarious exchange of words between Msupa S and Best Boomer who was ‘trying’, to say the least.

At the end of the cringe worthy performance, Msupa S emerged the winner.

From left, Shaffie Weru, DJ Kalonje and DNG (Photo: Courtesy)

Here are some of her fans reactions with a few urging her to try out on the Olympics marathons and give up music.

Janee Karanja I would rather listen to a generator the whole night

Dan Monyoro My ribs woooiii...enyewe hii ujinga hulipa

Shalom Ingabo I sent this to my girlfriend and I'm single now?

Janee Karanja I would rather listen to a generator the whole night

Bro Aminkay What the hell have I just watched? kwani hio ilikuwa rap battle??

Boibogitts Izi ni gani. 3 minutes of my life i'll never get back.?

Caren Chumba Msupa S Kindly go and do something else ata kama ni biashara.Music imekukataa

Anita Becky Woiiiiiiiiii aibu zingine ni terrible?

Naanyu Kortom I cringed soo hard?

Kissinger's House Pwhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.....pwahahahahahahahahaha.........

Caroline Njagi Huyo ni msupa anaitana toothpick akiambia mwenzake ati mbele imekauka..kweli nyani haoni kundule.

Danny Mugo Aaaah noooo! Msupa S angewachia hapo kwa intro. What was that? Alafu that was not even throwing shade, ilikuwa matusi. I keeent?

Erick Otieno msupa s wachana na rap jaribu marathon ama kachonge mishale ya wakale?

Director Kevin Current Hope this aint crias manze

Cynthia Komoras Aki woiye ata i don’t know what I’m feeling. Haki si mwambieni Msupa S aache kutupima aki.... atafute tu job nyingine na kama hajasoma tuko wengi university arudi tu tukazane na maisha na masomo ndio tupate the right jobs.  

Alex Vice How is this legal?

Sharon Jebotib Msupa s please wake up...this is terrible... Unatuaibisha walai?

Felix Tanki Huyu aanze training ya marathon, she is dressed for such. Otherwise, about music she should just shut up.?

Stecy Beib Msupa we chukua jembe ukalime