I’m stuck with you my love - Tanasha Donna’s letter to Diamond

Diamond and Tanasha [Photo: Courtesy]

The relationship between Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna is on a new high.

This is after Donna went to Instagram where she poured her heart out in a long letter to her Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) lover.

In it, Donna narrated that Diamond was the best thing to happen to her. She stated that she loves him to death and that nothing was going to come between them.

The presenter who is making waves with her debut single Radio featuring fast-rising rapper Barak Jacuzzi added that she has learned a lot from him.

“This Man… Oh Lord where do I begin? Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to have such a kind, supportive, hardworking, loving gentleman like yourself, I almost forgot how lucky I was when the pressure and negativity and all the BS used to get to my head.

“You stuck by me. I’m in love with who you are inside and out, you inspire me in so many ways, I have learned so much from you and you are a blessing from God D…

“The way you support what I do without me even asking you to, honestly made me realize how lucky and blessed I’m to have you. Je t’aime and I’m stuck with you mon amour.

“May God continue to bless you in so many ways for the heart you have. IDGAF what people think or say but just know I will forever ride for you till the end,” she wrote.

Diamond Platnumz postponed his February 14 wedding to Donna stating that celebrities all over the world would wish to attend hence, the need for much more time for preparation.

“Inshallah panapo majaliwa mwaka wa 2019 nitaoa.Mbali na ivo ndoa yangu ilitakiwa iwe siku ya valentines tarehe kumi na nne lakini tumeipeleka mbele kwa sababu ndo yangu watu wengi wanatakiwa kuja kuhudhuria na siku hio kidogo haikukaa vizuri,” he said.