Actress Nyce Wanjeri clears air on relationship with ex-husband

Nyce Wanjeri [Photo: Courtesy]

Former Aunty Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri has urged her legion of fans to stop engaging her on how her ex-husband Tito Wagithimo is fairing.

In an interview with Maureen Njogu on YouTube channel Crosstalk, Wanjeri said that she is navigating co-parenting and concentrating on how best to raise her daughter.

“We separated and it’s not separation ati tunarudiana kesho, no no no haturudiani. Co-parenting is hard. I will not be able to disclose much in terms of co-parenting because we are getting there, it's our first time so there is a lot to follow and a lot of emotions involved,” said Wanjeri

Wanjeri added that her fans should put themselves in her shoes, understand her plight and stop posting insults.

“I will tell people out there, as much as you are a fan or a friend and such things are posted on social media, you as my fan ni understand. Don’t come to my inbox to insult me because the other person has spoken and I have not because social media can give a celebrity depression.

“This is because we depend on them. So many attacked me claiming ati ooh uliwin ukaona uko na pesa. It’s not about money, material things come ago. But one thing sticks and I will say respect. Respect me,” she added.

Speaking to Radio Jambo three months ago, the Best Actress winner at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards narrated that her relationship with Wagithimo started showing cracks as they clocked seven years together.

It reached its boiling point in 2018 and she decided to leave.

“Kwa keli tumeachana, vile alisema tumeachana ni kweli tumeachana…kila ndoa ina matatizo yake na kila mtu ana ako na ile kitu inaleta problems; sitaki kiusema ni mashindano kwa vile watu ambao wanashare blanketi moja hujui, mambo mengi hufanyika.”