Music battle shaping up as Abdul Juma, Tanasha seek glory in showbiz

Abdul, Diamond, and Tanasha [Photo: Courtesy]

Hate or love him, Tanzanian musical giant Diamond Platnumz is here to say.

The Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO enjoys a near fanatical following in East Africa with strings of hits that have slowly but surely cemented his legacy.

It is not surprising that his Wasafi label is propping itself up as the biggest music establishment, boasting talents such as Rayvanny, Harmonize and Mbosso among others.

Apart from these signed acts, there is a new crop of talent associated with Diamond who are emerging from the woodwork and are battling to emerge out of his shadow.

First off is Tanasha Donna.

The Kenyan beauty is riding high on her debut single Radio featuring fast-rising rapper Barak Jacuzzi.

Tanasha [Photo: Courtesy]

Launched two days ago, the song by the heartthrob who is dating Diamond, has garnered over 400,000 views.

A huge nod from fans who camped at her social media pages after she posted a snippet of the video.

“My debut single radio ft Barak Jacuzzi is officially out now!!!!! Go and check out the link on my bio!!! I’ve prayed so hard for this moment and it’s been a tough and emotional one, I hope you guys enjoy it! Nothing but love. Nawapenda,” posted Donna.

The NRG radio presenter wrote that she did not expect Radio to be a hit.

“MTV has officially approved. God is good. I'm blessed. Thank you so much for this. This means so much to me. Didn't expect this at all. I used to dream of such days and now it's become a reality. Thank you so much. Can’t believe it. Dream come true. Thank you all,” Donna added on Instagram.

Her lover was not left behind as he posted that the two were trending, “Wifey and I...How sweet? ...Thank you so much for the love and support.”

[Photo: Courtesy]

Tanasha Donna is not the only one close to Diamond who is taking a jab at music.

Abdul Juma

Diamond’s father, Abdul Juma, is amassing a following after he was featured in the song Umenikamata alongside Tanzanian artists; Sungura Madini and Blod Gaza.

He, however, in an interview with Global Publishers intimated that he may not churn out music for long.

"I might release a final song, Dudu La Yuyu before I quit the music industry on condition that either of my children Diamond Platnumz, or Queen Darleen back me up and feature in the song because I am not a singer," he said.

Queen Darleen

Diamond’s half-sister Mwanajuma Abdul Juma better known as Queen Darleen has for a long time struggled to carve out her mark in music from that of her famous brother.

A talented singer in her own right, the vivacious songbird is signed to Wasafi and has never been shy of trying out new markets including making a Najua Nakupenda hit with her brother’s arch-rival, Ali Kiba.

In 2012, Queen Darleen stated that she worked hard for the accolades she has received.

“Kwa kupata tuzo hii nimeondoa dhana kwamba wasanii waliokuwa wanashinda walikuwa wanapendelewa. Tuzo hii itanipa nguvu na kuongeza jitihada katika muziki kwani zamani niliona kama napoteza muda nikifanya mambo ya muziki lakini kwa heshima waliyonipa mashabiki sina budi kuwalipa kwa mambo maziri,” she said.