Senator overhead demanding to be paid to attend rallies

[Photo: Courtesy]

A senator was yesterday overheard asking his colleague whether they would be reimbursed for attending rallies lined up in the region in the next couple of weeks.

A host of ODM MPs last weekend organised a political gathering and are set to tour Homa Bay and Siaya counties alongside their Jubilee counterparts aligned to President Uhuru Kenyatta to drum up support for the handshake and the war against corruption.

But one of the legislators is more concerned about being given handouts to attend the political gatherings.

His colleague who seemed shocked by the question curtly told him “ata ukipata Sh20,000 ya fuel si mbaya (It is no big deal even if you get Sh20,000 for fuel). This is politics and we have to support our side.”

The senator in question is said to be facing difficult times after spending most of his money in the last election.