The first time I saw my husband I felt nothing - Naliaka of Papa Shirandula

Netia and Naliaka [Photo: Courtesy]

It took Justus Netia five years to finally get his wife Daisy Odeko alias Naliaka of Papa Shirandula to say yes to his marriage proposal.

In an interview with Ebru Tv, Netia disclosed that he fell for Naliaka when they crossed paths in 2010 while on a work-related trip to Malindi.

Netia narrated that between 2011 and 2013, there were moments of silent tears as he tried to woo her and at one time deleted her phone number.

“At that time I was working as a cameraperson and she was working as a reporter for that day. I had a still camera and I was busy taking photos. When we came back to Nairobi, it was time for her to collect the photos and that is how the story started,” narrated Netia.

To which she responded, “He noticed me first but I didn’t know he had. I asked him to send the pictures but he was taking too long, I think I got the pictures after one year and two months.”

According to Naliaka, there were no double rainbows or cupid arrows in the sky when she set eyes on him during the trip.

She explained that she was very dusty when they first met and felt nothing for Netia.

“The first time I saw him I did not feel anything because we were actually going on a work trip and on that particular day I had used a boda-boda from my house to the workstation. I was so dusty. I did not want to talk to a lot of people in the van.

“I did not notice anything but as we were going to Malindi I noticed that this guy was a little extra. He was taking so many shots and at some point, I was like, why is he taking so many shots? Is he overworking?”

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He finally made the first move in 2014 while preparing to fly out to Nigeria after landing a job in the West African country.

“At the time I got a job outside the country in Nigeria. I said if I don’t meet her this day I don’t think I’ll ever meet her again. That is when I called her. Siku hiyo alikubali kukuja because I told her I will go and maybe come back after many years. I told her my intentions, but, she still didn’t agree with me, aliniambia enda kwanza penye unaenda we will talk.”

On why she took long, Naliaka said she was not sure about him.

 “I was not sure if he was in love with Daisy or the other side of me… I took long before dating him because I wanted a relationship that would lead to marriage,” she said.

The two lovebirds tied the knot on Friday, June 17, 2015, in an exclusive wedding held at t House of Grace, Rongai. They have a son together.