It’s my talent: Kakamega man who eats 12kg of ugali in a day speaks

Edward Alukuma.

A man has shocked many with his ability to consume copious amounts of ugali in a day.

Edward Alukuma from Shinyalu, Kakamega County consumes ugali made from more than 12kg of maize flour in a day!

According to Pambazuko, Alukamu’s neighbours avoid him especially during lunch hours, fearing he could accept an invitation to dine with them.

Married to two wives and with four children, Alukamu earns a living repairing bodabodas at Shinyalu market.


Speaking to Pambazuko, the 38-year-old said that he views his ability to consume large quantities of ugali as a talent, pointing out that he sees s nothing extraordinary in it.

“To me it’s a talent. Let not people think I eat all that food every day since not only do I have kids to school but also two wives to take care of.

“The high cost of living has forced me to stop eating 12 kg of ugali in a day as I have to take care of my responsibilities and a father and husband,” he said.

Alukamu pointed out that he only consumes huge quantities of ugali to showcase his talent.

Stellar ‘performance’

Whenever fans want to prove his talent, he complies on condition that they shoulder the cost of the food.

Alukamu’s talent also includes consuming the large quantities of ugali in a short time as he boasts of eating ugali made from 6 kg of maize flour in under 10 minutes accompanied by his favourite accompaniment, eggs.

When he’s had his fill, it takes a day for hunger pangs to come calling again.

Betting on his talent

It’s not all fun and games for Alukamu as he cashes in on his talent by placing bets.

“Many people don’t believe I can consume such large quantities of ugali and I encourage them to place bets. If I finish the ugali under the set time I walk away with the money.”

Since he sometimes competes more than once a day, Alukamu can theoretically consume more than 12 kg of ugali in a day.

However, consuming such large quantities of ugali has its share of challenges as Alukamu sometimes experiences difficulty breathing and walking.